Web2Mail examples:

Please see the Readme in the distribution for instructions on how to Install. You must have some sort of Unix box available.

To use the program, you need to send e-mails to the configured address. In these examples I'll use mail2web@anywhere.co as an imaginary example address. In most cases when you install your own version, you do not want to use 'mail2web' as the taget address as it might be guessed and abused. In anycase most moble e-mail devices allow you to store in an address book the real address, so even if the real one is complex and hard to remember, you probably will only type in in once.

To get a short welcome message with quick instructions, mail

To get CNN's front page web site.

The e-mail you'll get back will have the links marked with numbered placeholders. Example of a imaginary returned page.
Subject: http://mytestpage.junk.zw goto#
RefDBW2M: 2922.qdl

This is a test page.
Click here [1] to see the next page
Or pick here to get weather [2]
Or pick here to goto someother[3] place.

When you select 'reply' on most handhelp style mail devices, it will automaticly fill in the subject with
'Re: http://mytestpage.junk.zw goto#'

You just edit that subject line to read ''Re: http://mytestpage.junk.zw goto# 2"
in order to follow the 'weather' link.

If your impatient your email is slow and want to follow more than one link, you can try
''Re: http://mytestpage.junk.zw goto# 1 goto# 2 goto# 3"
all at once.

If a message is too large to be sent as a single e-mail, it will be broken down into multiple messages. There is a limit on how many messages it will be split into, so you may not be able to reach the bottom of 'very large' web pages. You should avoid them as they normlay are not very usefull on the limited interface of the e-mail brower. Your adminstrator can adjust these limits.


If you are accessing a web page where the contact changes quickly and the link number may become out of date in just a few minutes, then you should use the 'reply with text' option rather than a normal reply. This will give the web2mail program the additional information it needs to figure out what the link number you picked is refering to at the time the origianl e-mail was formated and sent to you. Otherwise you might get an unexpected result. Newpapers and forum style web pages are examples of where this is useful.

Only http and Ftp links are supported, there is no support for https, gopher or telnet style links.


Beause there is no support for Forms, Macros are used to get access to the most common 'web style' requests.

    Gets a summeray of the commands.
    Gets driving directions.
    Fill this in with the format
    dir:start street address, start city, start state, start zip:end street address, end city, end state, end zip code.
    You can leave a field blank and zip codes are optional.
    If you do not give a street  address, if will give directions to the center of the city.
    Do a google search. The normal rules about + and - in google searchs work.
    Get summery of news. You can also request a subject such as 'world, us, busines, science, sports, entertainment and health'
    Get stock info, 15+ minutes delayed. (no guareinties of accracy so don't sue!)
weather: [zip]
    Gets a weather report, from the specified zip code or for you default one, set by the adminstrator.
movies: [zip]
    Gets a report about local movies and theaters based on zip code.
cityinfo: [zip]
    Gets a report about local activites, special events, about the nearest large city to that zip code.

Control Macros
size: ## URL
    ## is size in bytes. Is a modifier that will overrule the settings for the largest page size to mail you. It is most usefull to keep a large page from beeing split up in many messages. In Blackberry's case, you can control the download of the large message with the 'more text' option from the menu.

raw: URL
    Returns the page with more information, near the bottom of the page (last messages in a multy part mailing) will be a list of the links with their URL's spelled out. This might be usefull if javascript or other special codes are preventing a normal link from working.